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From this point on, you can narrow down your list of options in the field of packaging to one name: Ecobliss. We have been the market leader in recyclable blister and high-visibility packaging since 1996. We invented eco-friendly cold seal packaging technology and the patented child-resistant Locked4Kids concept. You too can benefit from our many years of experience and capitalize on the expertise that underpins these innovations.

Businesses in a wide variety of industries worldwide entrust us with their total packaging process, from R&D to production and even the implementation of the process in their own manufacturing facilities.

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a complete blister concept including all components, finishing options and functional attributes

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an expert with extensive knowhow of sealing technologies

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the best machines and technical support to manufacture your packaging


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a blister solution that meets the high quality and safety standards of pharma


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cartons that are child resistant and senior friendly

child resistant

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a blister solution that meets the high quality and safety standards of pharma


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Sustainable thinking at Ecobliss

Eco isn’t just part of our name, it’s also embedded in our DNA. As the Smart Source for blister and high-visibility packaging, we act responsibly towards society, the environment, and the people who make Ecobliss what it is today. We develop packaging solutions that are recyclable, reusable and/or compostable. Our production processes are notable for their minimum energy consumption and maximum reduction of waste.

Eco-friendly packaging

At the moment, it is technically impossible to manufacture blister packaging using greener methods than our patented cold seal technology. But because we want a better tomorrow, we at Ecobliss are constantly working to develop new, sustainable packaging concepts. Our head office in Echt (Netherlands) offers ultimate proof of our sustainable intentions: it has been completely energy- and carbon-neutral since 2018.

Caring for people

At Ecobliss, we care for the end users of our products, especially the most vulnerable groups, by developing solutions that meet the strictest safety standards. We believe that everyone deserves a chance and welcome people with a labour market disadvantage to our team. We are committed to our employees. To us, sustainable thinking means helping them to stay fit and healthy.

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